Jennifer Yturbide Lawyer in Minden


We have found attorney Jennifer Yturbide to be focused and dedicated, achieving the best results for her clients. She has an excellent knowledge of the law and is highly regarded in the community. She is meticulous in her work, which is evident when you discuss matters with her. We sought counsel from Jennifer for Will preparation and Trust information. We would endorse Jennifer's work to anyone.

Respectfully, D & C

I have known Jennifer Yturbide, Esq., since 2007 when I began working in Douglas County. I have had the privilege of working on opposing cases with her and her staff many times. I cannot say enough about Mrs. Yturbide's professionalism, her true and caring nature, and extensive knowledge she continually displays. I have always admired and respected her as an attorney and believe she brings all her best qualities to the table for her clients and is fair and honest in her interactions with her peers in the legal community.

Recently, I came to know Mrs. Yturbide on a more personal level. She displays the same professional, true and caring nature on a personal level just as she does in her career as an attorney. She is a genuinely kind person. I chose to seek her advice because of my professional relationship with her and believed she would give the best guidance needed. She exceeded my expectations professionally and confirmed my thoughts of her on a personal level. I recommend Mrs. Yturbide to anyone seeking an attorney in her area of expertise based on my many years of experience with her.

Gratefully, LM

There was a time when I need legal representation that was willing to dig deep into the facts and fight for me. Jennifer Yturbide fought hard for me and delivered the best possible outcome in the fastest possible time frame.


I have had the privilege of having Jennifer represent me many times in the 20 years I've known her . On a few of these occasions emotions could be running high for me and I always appreciated that Jennifer was my calm in the storm. Whatever issue I have brought to the table, Jennifer always takes the time to research and then throughly explain to me my options to best resolve my problem. I appreciate that I never have to question her ethics and to always know that Jennifer has my back.


“In Fall of 2012, I was fortunate enough to meet Jennifer Yturbide. … I employed Jennifer and her team to guide me in renegotiating my custody situation. … The one thing I could count on during this stressful time was Jennifer. She would call to check in and spent the time to explain what was happing. She was also quick to respond to my emails. Not only did she guide me to the successful end of our custody process, she helped me understand and accept how my new “single parent life” would be. After our case was settled and life resumed, I continued to utilize her expertise and true to form, was always provided with exceptional service including that personal touch. I have not only recommended Jennifer to my clientele, I’ve also sent friends and family her way knowing they are in the best hands during their times of need. I am truly grateful for meeting Jennifer. I hold her in the highest of regards and find peace knowing if the time arises, Jennifer will be there.”


"Jennifer helped me with a very painful divorce and custody battle. My ex had taken our sons to visit family on what I was told was a vacation. While at her parents, she counseled with attorneys, gained residency, and enrolled the boys in school. By the time I realized what was actually happening she had quite a head start which left me at a huge disadvantage. A good attorney was not enough. I needed an exceptional attorney. Jennifer came highly recommended from a dear family friend and highly successful local attorney. Thanks to Jennifer, I now have full custody of my three sons. My oldest is now happily married and has a very successful career as a federal firefighter. My two younger sons are on honor roll, and are excelling in all areas of their life. Without Jennifer, our lives would have been destroyed. She is without a doubt one of the most important people to have entered my life. I now have my 3 sons, a beautiful new wife and baby girl, and my own business. I accredit all of our happiness and success to her.